Emotionally FocusEd Couple Therapy in Spanish

Randomized clinical trial And(f)FECTS

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Partnership UNAV + BYU

A large-scale project, which has been possible thanks to the collaboration between UNAV and BYU. Both entities have contributed their own funds and resources of its researchers.

The first clinical trial conducted to date in couple therapy in Spanish speaking countries

El proyecto E(f)FECTS es un estudio pionero en países de lengua hispana. Una de las condiciones para poder afirmar que una psicoterapia es realmente efectiva, es que haya sido respaldada por datos de varios ensayos clínicos. Solamente 2 modelos de terapia de pareja en el mundo cuentan con este respaldo: la Terapia Cognitivo-Conductual Integrativa (ICBT; A. Christensen), y la terapia focalizada en las emociones (S. Johnson).

Although in the last decade, it has been taking more and more awareness of the relevance of providing therapies sensitive to the cultural context of the target audience, there is no clinical test in Spanish with these models of couple therapy.

So, this is the first randomized clinical trial in couples therapy that is going to perform in the English-speaking world. Its results will have implications for more than 450 million people in the world who have Spanish as their first language.


Clinical trial in TFE in Spanish


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