Training of therapists

Externship Core Skills Supervision Certification in Spanish

International Center for Excellence in EFT
Data pre-post + follow-up

Externship and CS

The Externship is the first level of formal training in TFE. It is aimed at professional psychotherapy and post-graduate students of a university. During these 4 days of intensive training, the attendees will become familiar with the 9 steps of the TFE, and begin to practice the basic skills of the therapist TFE. Core Skills is the course that follows the Externship (48 hours of intensive practice of the techniques and skills essential to working TFE).

Qualitative and quantitative analyses

We have conducted studies that evaluate to therapists in different aspects of their competence to apply the model and observe changes in personal variables (e.g. style of attachment or empathetic style). We've analyzed through a qualitative study of the experience of the therapists in your formative process. In both cases we have considered the results obtained by previous research with therapists north american (Canada and USA).

Supervision in TFE

We are collecting data from surveys of therapists TFE, with video recordings of the monitoring and self-report measures that complete therapist and supervisor.

Investigate about how to form the therapists, essential to improve the care for couples

We have already carried out two investigations on the formation of the therapists (qualitative y quantitative), and we have initiated a study on the training format online and on the differences in the results of the Externship in various cultural contexts

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