A space to promote the connection

Dr. Sue Johnson developed the format of the Workshop hold me tight, combining the principles of Couple Therapy Focused on the Emotion, and of his Book "hold me tight: Seven conversations for a lasting love".

The workshops hold me tight are a way of working intensively your relationship over a single weekend.

These workshops, which in English is known as "Hold me tight workshops", are taught from a long time ago in the USA and Canada, and since 2016 in Spanish-speaking countries, especially in Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Couples participating refer that it is an experience that strengthens their relationship, and several studies conducted in Canada support that can be a psychoeducational intervention to be valuable and effective.

We want to know whether participation in the workshop "hold me tight" (Hold me tight, HMT, in English) improves the quality of the relationship of couples. For this we will conduct pre-assessments and post-workshop, and a follow-up of 3, 6 and 12 months. The workshops are taught by therapists trained in the model of Sue Johnson, the therapy focused on the emotions