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We have already received more than 130,000 euros in funding for direct costs of projects through competitive calls, private donors and own funds of the Universities UNAV and BYU.

Martiño Rodríguez-González
Principal investigator E(f)FECTS

University of Navarra

The UNAV is the main driving force behind this project, to dedicate its own resources to support it, and through the dedication of its researchers, and direct support with 55,000 euros contributed from private donors and its own funds.

Brigham Young University

BYU has supported by their own resources, the time of its researchers, phd students and technicians, the development of this project. In addition, BYU has contributed 52,000 American-dollars to the RCT-E(f)FECTS

International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)

We have received 10,000 dollars to fund the randomized clinical trial, E(f)FECTS. ICEEFT, founded by Susan Johnson, is the reference center for EFT training worldwide.

Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR)

The SPR is the world ́s most important scientific society in psychotherapy research. The SPR has contributed with 5,000-USD to grant the E-Effects project, through a competitive call (collaborative-grant)

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If you are planning to support this project, please contact us and we can give you more information, and to find ways of bringing your concerns to our

Without resources there is no mission

The field of couple therapy and the research on the relationship of the couple is not generated by products saleable or quickly and easily reproducible. For this reason, the support of institutions and private donors, it is essential to sustain this long-term project. Invest in this type of research depends on the ability to see the value of what is at stake, trust the people leading it and understand its meaning in the long term.

This project is possible thanks to the involvement of many people: therapists, researchers, supervisors,... But also to the economic contribution of those who consider that this project is valuable. It is possible to support it stating very specifically that you want to contribute: release of results, the organization of a training course for therapists, development of a clinical trial, study of specific variables, the start of an investigation in a particular country...

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