Therapy Focused on the Emotions

Therapy based on the evidence

8 randomised clinical trials and dozens of studies of outcomes that indicate that this model of couple therapy significantly improves the fit of the relationship.

What progress are kept?

The 62% couples continues to improve or maintain their improvement two years after completing the treatment

What therapies couple-exist with empirical support?

Only two of the TFE (S. Johnson) and Couple Therapy Behavioral Integrative (TPCI, A. Christensen)

"It has been indescribable, the way in which we discover the inner light and as it has allowed me to be an unconditional support for my partner"


"This therapy has allowed me to recognize feelings and emotions, to rebuild and nourish the relationship. A reunion"


"We did other therapies previously, but only with this I discovered a way to express my emotions and makes me feel closer than ever to her and that is wonderful”


"We learned to know ourselves and to know our own emotions, and how, under all of our attitudes, there are deeper feelings, mainly the love and the desire to be together and to connect. I feel a huge change"


Listen to some of the members of our team

Researchers and therapists speak of this model and this research project

Marie-France Lafontaine 2:18

A project that will revolutionize the therapy of couple

Maria Dolores Fatás 4:00

The TFE as a therapy based on the adult attachment

Shayne Anderson 2:57

The importance of research on couple therapy